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Flash Bowls

This game is quite accurate rules-wise, although the scoring method bears no relation to the real game....

An ad may be displayed before the game opens. Click on the 'Skip Ad' button if one appears - if not just wait a bit for Flash Bowls to load. You might also get ready to press the 'mute' button - unless you're some sort of hillbilly.... :-)

Play this game using your keyboard.

Gold on the Green

Both the basic rules and the scoring method in this game are fairly accurate. A proper game of bowls, this....

In case you're wondering, this game was developed for the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, and as it's not part of the Commonwealth you can't choose to be a player from the Republic of Ireland...but the Indian flag has a similar colour scheme :-)

Play this game using your mouse/trackpad.


Not sure what to make of this one. Quite a slow game, and the perspective is kind of weird. Anyway, give it a go and see yourself....

You'd be better to choose to play against yourself in a two person match - you can play against the computer if you like but it's absolutely woeful. Still, if you like winning things by loads with absolutely no competition then go ahead :-)

Play this game using your keyboard (hold the space bar down to fire the jack up first)