Getting Started

Bowls for Beginners: The Basics

To get started in lawn bowls, you'll need a set of bowls and flat shoes/runners (i.e. with no heels or ridges). Railway Union Bowling Club has a set of bowls for use by newcomers, as well as all the other bowling paraphenalia needed for a game (jacks, mats and scoreboards).

A bit more detail ...

Lawn Bowls 101 video

This short video, made by Newport Harbour Lawn Bowling Club in California, gives a useful introduction to the basics of the game. 

So Bowls is really easy?

Well yes, it's quick and easy to learn the basics and get started, but after that it can actually take years to perfect your game and learn all the tricks of the trade. You're always trying to stay a step ahead of your opponent and anticipate what their next move might be. For example - 

Your (or your team's) strategy and how to play and 'build' the head is very important and it may well change several times during the match, or even during a single end, depending on how things are going!

Piece of Cake!

... and after a little while playing, maybe you too will be able to do something like this ...

The important thing is to just get out there and give it a go!