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History & Honours


  • Railway Union Bowling Club was founded in 1904 and is the second oldest bowling club in Dublin. It was a founder member of the Irish Free State Bowling League (now the Bowling League of Ireland - BLI), which was instituted in 1927 to promote the game of bowls in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Railway Union's bowling green is the oldest green currently in use in Ireland. Originally consisting of three rinks, it is now a six-rink full-size green playable in both directions (north/south and east/west).
  • Railway Union Bowling Club was an all-male institution until 1974, when the ladies section was founded, and we had both from then until 2017. Unfortunately, however, we're currently without a ladies section due to a decline in membership.
  • We've enjoyed much success in Bowling League of Ireland (BLI) competitions over the years. During the 1930s and 1940s we enjoyed several wins in the BLI's Nassau and Tyler cups. In 1980, Railway won the BLI Mecredy Cup for the first time, and another period of achievement arrived in 1989 and 1990 with the club winning both the BLI and Mecredy cups in both years. Even more recently, the club won the Mecredy cup in 2009 and 2011, the Tyler cup in 2010 and 2011, and both the Nassau and Bank of Ireland Investment cups in 2012 (see our Club honours section below for further details).
  • In addition, we won BLI Division 3 for the first time in 2012, and followed that by winning Division 2, again for the first time, in 2014. After a tough first season in the top Division we reverted back to Division 2. But this proved only temporary and we were promoted back to Division 1 for the 2017 season, where we've been playing ever since.
  • The Ladies section entered Division III of the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland (LBLI) and won it several times in the 1970s and early 1980s. They then competed in the senior leagues during the 1980s and 1990s. The club was also very well represented in junior and senior inter-association teams during this time, winning several LBLI junior and senior competitions and culminating in the selection of Pat Evans for the Irish international team.
  • We've fought very hard to restore our Club's fortunes and regain former glories. We currently have one of the lowest bowling club age profiles around, and we're looking to the future with confidence. We've carried out a lot of work on our green over the past few years and a brand-new bowling pavilion is currently under construction. Watch this space!!!

Finals Appearances & Honours

BLI Titles and Promotions:

2016 - Division 2 Crumlin Cup winners
2016 - Division 2 runners-up. Promoted to Division 1
2014 - Division 2 winners. Promoted to Division 1
2012 - Division 3 winners. Promoted to Division 2

BLI Championship Cups:
  • Sixsmith Cup (Senior Fours):
2019 – B Stirling, D Kells, C Carrick, A Kells (Runners-up)
1934 – TJ McKee, P Reynolds, V Sully, JP Morrow (Winners)
  • Nassau Cup (Junior Singles):
2012 – N Daly (Winner)
1945 – S Wilson (Winner)
1943 – CT Sheppherd (Winner)
1941 – JA Connolly (Winner)
1934 – TJ McKee (Winner)
  • Tyler Cup (Junior Pairs):
2011 – A Kells & D Kells (Winners)
2010 – U Daly & N Daly (Winners)
2009 – F Tierney & D Kells (Runners-up)
1943 – WR Sargeant & AC Hogg (Winners)
1940 – SJ Doyle & JA Connolly (Winners)
1933 – TJ McKee & V Sully (Winners)
  • BLI Cup (Junior Triples):
2002 –   T Moorehead, T Wynne & C McKernan (Runners-up)
1990 – F Tierney, G Dagg & J MacKenzie (Winners)
1989 – J Tanham, L Fox & W Ensor (Winner)
  • Mecredy Cup (Junior Rinks):
2011 – U Daly, J Mellon, V Daly & N Daly (Winners)
2010 – U Daly, J Mellon, V Daly & N Daly (Runners-up)
2009 – F Tierney, A Kells, D Kells & W Jackson/T Kennelly (Winners)
2002 – R Fitzgerald, V Daly, T Moorehead & P Coady (Runners-up)
1990 – F Tierney, J Campbell, G Dagg & J MacKenzie (Winners)
1989 – F Tierney, J Campbell, G Dagg & J MacKenzie (Winners)
1980 – J MacNamara, H McKeown, E Collins & T Perkins (Winners)
  • Bank of Ireland Investment Cup (Under-18 Singles):
2012 – A Jackson (Winner)

Dun Laoghaire Champion of Champions:

2016 – Billy Stirling (Runner-up)
1972 – Brian Carpenter (Winner)

LBLI Championship Cups:

2011 Senior Triples – P Evans, B Condron & L Lyons (Runners-up)
1999 Junior Fours – D Neilan, H Buggy, L Lyons & V Doddy (Winners)
1991 Senior Fours – K Parsons, Z Trower, N Moorehead & M Tubbert (Winners)
1987 Senior Triples – B Murphy, P Evans & P Corcoran (Winners)
1981 Junior Singles – T Devlin (Winner)
1981 Junior Pairs – T Devlin & P Evans (Winners)
1980 Junior Pairs – P Corcoran & F Wilson-Price (Winners)