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Our Club

Railway Union is Dublin's second-oldest bowling club. Our Men's section competes in BLI League Divisions 2 and 5, as well as the Veteran's League, while our Ladies section competes in LBLI League Division 3. Members and teams from both sections also participate in other IBA, BLI and LBLI cup, all-Ireland inter-club and inter-association competitions throughout the bowling season.

Why Join?

We're building a dynamic, forward-looking bowling club and aim to make it the best and most successful in Dublin. To this end, we are actively seeking both female and male members of any age and any level of experience.

Give it a Go!

Everyone has to start somewhere - so start with us! If you've never bowled before and are curious to try it, feel free to drop down to RUBC (click here for directions) any Tuesday evening between 7:00 - 8:00pm onwards. There'll always be someone out on the green who'll be more than happy to show you the ropes. If you want to have a go, just make sure you wear a flat-soled pair of shoes or runners.


If you're thinking of joining us, you'll obviously want to know the cost. Railway Union Bowling Club is a part of Railway Union Sports Club and, as such, subscriptions are payable in two parts -
  1. A main subscription for membership of Railway Union Sports Club (RUSC)
  2. A smaller subscription for membership of Railway Union Bowling Club (RUBC)
The way it works is that, once you've paid the main RUSC subscription, you can then join as many of its sections as you like by paying the relevant section subscription (the sections are bowling, cricket, hockey, rugby, soccer and tennis). The Bowling subscription is the lowest of any section.

Therefore, the overall cost of joining RUBC (if you're not already a member of RUSC) is as follows -

Category of Member
Total Sub

Ordinary Member

€225 (incl €50 free spend in bar)



Senior Member

€110 (incl €30 free spend in bar)

Unemployed Member

€85 (incl €15 free spend in bar)

Student Member

€85 (incl €15 free spend in bar)

Junior Member


Note that if you join as a family, a family discount of 10% applies to the total subscription

NB: If you're already a member of Railway Union Sports Club, you will only have to pay the bowling subscription to join the Bowling section for the year.

To see more, why not pay a visit to Railway Union Sports Club's brand new website at <<>>

Our subscriptions are competitive with any other club in Dublin
Feel free to check around
(but don't forget to come back here)